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UHY Global Issue 17

•No Pain No Gain –UHY member firms are embracing some of the latest AI-powered tools
•Taking Real Responsibility – Developing UHY’s ESG reporting and assurance services
•Green Ambitions – How oil-rich states create sustainable futures
•Creating A Culture Of Compliance – Complex and evolving local and international regulations
•Three client case studies/client stories


UHY Global Issue 16

• The Shape of Firms to Come
• Setting Sights On Cross-Border Expansion
• Europe’s Drive For Social Responsibility
• Managing The Great Data Dilemma


UHY Global Issue 15

• Meeting The Challenge Of Change – How the workplace is evolving
• The Business of Blockchain – Can blockchain change how we do business?
• The March Of Technology – The race to embrace digital tech
• The New Heart Of Global Trade? – The impact of the world’s largest trade deal
• Client story/case study


UHY Global Issue 14

• European Recovery And ‘Next Generation’ Funding – How effective is this economic package?
• Have We Reached Peak M&A? – There are headwinds ahead
• Outsourcing On The March – Choosing the right partner is the key to success
• South American Trade Agreement Mercosur – Still Something To Smile About?
• Two client stories/case studies


UHY Global Issue 13

UHY Global Issue 13 (Digital online version) UHY Global Issue 13 (PDF) ● Bridging The Gaps – Digitalisation and digital reskilling in ASEAN countries ● Crypto At the Crossroads – Mainstream adoption is still elusive ● Show Me The Money – Keeping up with anti-money laundering regulations ● Sun, Sea And Stasis – Tourism, Covid and the Mediterranean economy ● Two client stories/case studies


UHY Global Issue 12

● New accountability – Corporate Governance systems across the world
● Opportunity from adversity – The pandemic’s disruptive force is creating new opportunities
● Plotting a route to prosperity – The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
● The colour of money is green – Environmental, Social and Governance reporting
● Two client stories/case studies.


UHY Global Issue 11

● A NEW WORLD OF AGILE BUSINESS – new ways of working that will outlast the pandemic
● BEATING THE ODDS – Central America looks forward to a brighter future
● FROM ‘JUST IN TIME’ TO ‘NOT ENOUGH’ – Coronavirus and global supply chains
● GLOBAL TRADE RESET – should we expect business as usual?


UHY Global Issue 10





UHY Global Issue 9





UHY Capability Statement 2020

UHY Capability Statement 2020 has been issued.