Initial Public Offering(IPO)

In recent years the business environment has changed dramatically. Taking a company through an IPO could use up a considerable amount of management time. You will need a detailed understanding of your business to determine whether you go public or seek alternative finance. We provide consulting services to help you prepare for the entire IPO process and become more efficient in competing in the global market.

We support you reorganize or refine your business processes and prepare strategic plan to raise capital and how to use it efficiently in IPO. We also guide you through a comprehensive approach to the business succession process to ensure that the transition is carried out as smoothly as possible. We will provide a range of consulting services including:

  • Developing an efficient capital plan
  • Providing advices for reorganizing your business process
  • Supporting for establishing management system for timely disclosure
  • Supporting for designing and implementing effective internal control
  • Preparation of Registration Statements
  • Supporting for streamlining management procedure with subsidiaries

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